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Sterling Silver, Gold Rush Prospector Relic Pendant

Sterling Silver, Gold Rush Prospector Relic Pendant

This listing is for a very unique, hand-made pendant, designed for gold prospectors, relic hunters, metal detecting enthusiasts and history buffs in-general. The pendant is modeled from an actual California Gold Rush buckle that was lost by a forty-niner prosector in one of their gold mining camps during the Gold Rush era (1848-1855). I also know of at least one example of this style belt buckle that was recovered at a Civil War era Confederate States anthracite coal mine, so these obviously had appeal to miners of all types of minerals and were in use up through the Civil War. The original buckle was a dug relic, found with a metal detector in an actual gold mining camp. The model for this pendant was that actual two-piece gold rush miner's buckle just mentioned. I personally restored the buckle, which, although a very rare find, was damaged and needed professional restoration. These buckles are exceedingly rare and beautiful. They were designed specifically to capitalize on the gold mining frenzy and that common goal of folks traveling to the gold country to "strike it rich". The motif is a gold mining prospector with a shovel in one hand and a pick-axe on the ground beside the miner. His left hand is extended and I am assuming it is because he has a gold nugget in his outstretched hand. Also evident is the hilly gold country terrain, California vegetation,and centrally positioned 6-point star in the background sky. This style measures 33 mm in diameter (slightly larger than a U.S. half-dollar). The bail is uniquely crafted with long-term wear in mind. It has an opening that measures 3mm x 6mm in order to accommodate a very substantial chain. In addition, the bail has my signature, hinge mechanism.

If you are in need of a nice sterling silver chain on which to wear the pendant, please check out my other listings. My recommended chain style for my pendant line is a 2.5 mm diameter sterling silver wheat style chain. There are several listings for the following lengths: 18" , 20", 24” and 30”.

This is a unique pendant design that you will not find anywhere else. It embodies the treasure hunting spirit that spans different hobbies (prospecting, treasure hunting, relic hunting, etc...) and time periods, while illustrating a gold prospector in a very distinct time period in American History!

Shipping is $8 in the United States. (Other destinations will require a calculation on shipping). Any purchases made within the State of Virginia must also include 5% Virginia State Sales tax. I am offering a 14 day return policy if not fully satisfied for any reason. For return, customer is responsible for return shipping cost. Please e-mail me with any questions that you may have BEFORE BIDDING. IF YOU LIKE THIS PENDANT DESIGN, PLEASE KEEP AN EYE ON MY OTHER LISTINGS, AS I HAVE BEGUN THE PROCESS OF CREATING AN ENTIRE LINE OF METAL DETECTING AND TREASURE HUNTING-THEMED PENDANTS AND RINGS. I will periodically be adding additional designs to the line as I have time to design and create the master models. Thanks for viewing my listing!

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